Workforce mobility: Quebec – Canada – France

This section describes legislation governing the various agreements regarding workforce mobility. The purpose of these agreements is to make recognition of professional qualifications easier for workers who wish to work in another province of Canada or in France.

In Québec

Within the province, workers can switch from one governed territory to another fairly easily. Even if the Decree of each CPA in Quebec is different, the CPAs work together to make the transfer of files and information easier.

Contact your CPA for more information.

In Canada

The Red Seal program harmonizes provincial and territorial processes, as well as requirements for professional recognition of skilled trades and standards. It makes collaboration with the industry easier to create a skilled workforce. The main benefit of this program is that it increases the mobility of skilled trade workers in Canada, but it is also a guarantee of quality.

The following trades of the automotive services industry are included in this program :

For further information, visit www.red-seal.ca.

In France

An agreement of mutual recognition of professional qualifications was reached in 2008 between the Government of Quebec, the French Republic, and the parity committees. With this agreement, France and Quebec have agreed, in particular, to a common procedure for the recognition of professional qualification in order to facilitate and speed up the process of obtaining the legal ability to practise a trade or a regulated profession within both territories.

The following trades of the automotive services industry are included in this agreement (documents available in French only) :

For more information on this agreement, consult the section dedicated to this topic on the Web site www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca.