Prior learning assessment program

Body repair or painting

Third-year apprentices who do not obtain the required passing grade in their exams in body repair, or painting, but who nevertheless pass in one or more modules, may register for the Prior Learning Assessment Program.

This program is offered by CPA Montréal to encourage apprentices to exercise their right to be re-examined once they are eligible to do so. The apprentices will concentrate exclusively on developing those skills relating to the module or modules they failed during the exam, with a view to obtaining the journeyman third class card. Third-year apprentices wishing to obtain a first- or second-class journeyman card must retake all modules of the exam.

CPA Montréal sends exam results to candidates along with a registration form for the program. The form must be completed and returned. Results of the module(s) that were completed successfully will be recorded for 12 months.


Automobile or truck mechanics

Coming soon


For further information, contact the Qualification Management Department at 514 288-3003.