Board of Directors


Diverse profiles sought

  • CPA MONTRÉAL’s Board of Directors reflects its members and the automotive services industry in the Montreal region, with a diversity of skills, genders, cultures and ages. Directors may come from a variety of business sectors.
  • CPA MONTRÉAL is governed by a Board of Directors made up of an equal number of management and union representatives. Directors are appointed for a term of up to one year, renewable consecutively or not, but not exceeding 12 years.
  • The Law on collective bargaining agreements also provides that the contracting parties must establish a joint committee responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Decree. The Board of Directors appoints a General Manager, who is joined by inspectors and office staff to ensure the permanence of the committee and oversee the implementation of the Decree.

Functions provided for by the Law and regulations:

  • Define the guidelines for the application, monitoring, and compliance of the decree.
  • Authorize expenditures and contracts of the committee.
  • Determine the duties and compensation of committee employees.
  • Retain the services of professionals necessary for managing the committee’s affairs when required.
  • Determine authority delegations, including those related to financial commitments and contract conclusion.
  • Adopt committee regulations.
  • Establish the competency and experience profile of committee members.
  • Delegate to the general manager the hiring of other committee employees after establishing a workforce plan if desired.
  • Designate or require the professional services of an ethics and professional conduct respondent for board members and committee employees. This individual must have received adequate training in ethics and professional conduct.

All employers and employees, whether unionized or not, are subject to the decree and must contribute to funding the activities of the joint committee.


Mr. Ghyslain Le Dû, Vice President

Association des marchands Canadian Tire du Québec inc.
Owner of Canadian Tire

Mr. Stéphane Bélisle

The Association of Tire and Mechanical Specialists of Quebec (ASPMQ)

Mr. Patrick Saint-Pierre

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (Quebec Division) (AIA Canada)
Sales Director of Entrepôt de Montréal 1470 Inc.

Mr. Luc Fillion

Corporation of Professional Auto Body Technicians of Quebec (CCPQ)

Mr. Éric Girard

The Corporation of Automobile Dealers of Montreal Inc. (CCAM)

Mr. Denis Mélançon

The Quebec Automobile Services Association (ASA)
President of ASA

ME Richard Auclair

The Corporation of Automobile Dealers of Montreal Inc. (CCAM)
Executive Vice President of AEIA


Mr. Félix Bélanger, President

Unifor – Local Section 4511

Mr. Éric Boudreault

Unifor – Local Section 4511
Union Representative

Mr. Marc Lefebvre

Unifor – Local Section 4511
Automotive Mechanic Technician

Mr. Patrick Caisse

Unifor – Local Section 4511
Automotive Mechanic Technician

Mr. Guy Normand

National Union of Garage Employees of Quebec Inc. (SNEG-CSD)

Mr. Daniel Rivest

Democratic Syndicalist Central (CSD)
Union Advisor

Mr. Claude Grenier

Unifor – Local Section 4511
Automotive Mechanic Technician

CPA Montreal Management

M. Sylvain Murphy

CPA Montreal
General Manager
Secretary to the Board of Directors

Ms. Johanne Bénard

CPA Montreal
Assistant to the General Management
Support and Logistics for the Board of Directors