Code of ethics

Click HERE to download our code of ethics. (Available only in French)

This Code of Ethics sets the standards to meet and promote in order to maintain our industry’s trust in the Parity Committee (hereinafter the “Committee”). It serves as a guide for:

  • The Committee to be able to fulfill its mission and uphold its values;
  • The Committee to be able to maintain its credibility in the industry;
  • Representatives to be able to uphold values and respect rules of behaviour.

The Code applies to all employees, officers, agents and members of the Board of Directors (hereinafter the “representatives”) of the Committee.

Through their actions and decisions, the representatives play a key role in fulfilment of the organization’s mission and in the promotion of its social image.

Any violation of the rules mentioned in this document will be subject to disciplinary action ranging from a reprimand to exclusion or dismissal.