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Paid general holiday – LABOUR DAY 2023

Here is what you need to know about this paid general holiday.  Employer You need to give your employees the statutory holiday on September 4th, 2023, for Labour Day. Employee You need to satisfy all the following conditions to receive a statutory general holiday: Worked on the last working day preceding the holiday and on the [...]

Update – Minimum Hourly Rates 2023

❗ IMPORTANT ❗ Starting May 1st, 2023, minimum wages under the Decree that are below 15,25 $ should be read as 15,25$. Trades As of April 17th, 2019 As of April 17th, 2020 As of April 17th, 2021 As of April 17th, 2022 Apprentice: 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 13,10 $ 14,20 $ 15,48 [...]

CETEMMM – 2023 Meritas Gala

CPA Montréal is a proud platinum sponsor of the CETEMM Gala Méritas which will take place on June 6th at the CFP West Island Career Centre. The event is an important opportunity to highlight the excellence of the next generation of the automotive services industry! Visit the CETEMM website to register 🎉

New training available

Only available in French. ❗ Electric Vehicle Skills Program – Automotive Mechanics ❗ An administrative fee of $9 / hour will be charged prior to each class. Wages will be covered at $12.75 / hour and paid to the employer at the end of each course under presentation of pay stubs. 🔧The EV Self-Assessment is […]


Available only in French. Article provenant du Magazine L'Automobile Arrivé de Moldavie au Canada dans la foulée des chambardements qui ont entouré la chute de l’URSS en 1991, Boris Treiger s’est trouvé un emploi comme apprenti dans un atelier de réparation automobile d’un concessionnaire Toyota. Gravissant les échelons grâce sa détermination et à son amour [...]

Advanced driver assistance systems

This training on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is intended for technicians in the automotive industry who wish to improve their knowledge of these technologies, which are now well established in the automotive market. Content of the course: Operation of sensors (7 h) System diagnosis (7 h) Calibration (7 h) Contact us for more information.

New training center – South Shore

Only available in French. ⚡ EV SKILLS ⚡ Electric and hybrid vehicle training program designed for the automotive service industry. A first in Canada and a certification recognized by the industry! 161 hours of technical training. THE PCVÉ IN SUMMARY Training costs The training itself is fully subsidized. Administrative fee of $9/hr Training Manuals Training […]

Guides available for purchase

To buy one of these guides, please contact us at 514-288-3003 ENGLISH GUIDES Description Automotive Mechanics End of apprenticeship Brakes Guide (2021) MAE-63 Electricity Guide (2022) MAE-73 Engine Guides (2022) MAE-64 Transmission, Suspension, Steering Guide (2022) MAE-72 Electronics (2022) MAE-74 Heavy vehicle mechanics End of apprenticeship Electrical and electronic systems MVE-225 Operator cab and ambient [...]

New training available

Only available in French. ❗ Additional Information ❗ *** Trainings will be during the day and your employer must agree to release you on your working hours (applicable wage reimbursement to employer – of $12.75/hr at the end of each training under presentation of pay stubs). *** 🔧The candidate will receive complimentary training guides for […]

Article in L’Automobile magazine

This article was written for L'Automobile magazine. December 2022 issue. Only available in French. Le futur est dans la formation Frank Tonon Director of Qualification and Training CPA Montréal Depuis mon tout début dans l’industrie, je me suis rapidement rendu compte que la compréhension des systèmes et des éléments qui composent un véhicule est très [...]