Modification of the decree on the automobile service industry, Montreal region

We are pleased to announce that minimum hourly wage rates are adjusted to reflect the reality of the industry and become the minimum rates based on the “average wage” for trades and occupations in the region.

The Quebec government has modified the CPA Montreal decree. As a result, the Parity Committee of the automotive services industry in the Montreal region has adopted new minimum rates applicable to the industry’s trades and occupations, effective December 6th, 2023.

The word “labour shortage” is no longer a surprise to anyone. Many employers are turning to a variety of options to fill vacancies in the face of growing labour shortages, including wage increases. The new decree is intended to help employers in one way or another to establish healthy competition, which will have a positive effect on our sector.

We can say that all trades and occupations in our sector will see a significant increase in minimum rates as soon as the new decree is applied. The decree also provides for annual increases of 2.75% and 3%.

This is excellent news, and will help us achieve our objectives, which are as follows:

– Attract labour to the automotive service industry.

– Encourage professionals in our sector to stay.

– Attract more students to our vocational training centers, so that we have a trained workforce.

– Encourage employees to pursue training leading to a higher certificate of qualification, which will have a direct impact on their working conditions, including a higher hourly rate.

Click here to consult the new wage grid or here to consult the publication in the Gazette officielle.

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