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This text has no legal value. Please always refer to the Decree.

What is CPA Montréal ?
CPA Montréal is a non-profit organization mandated under the Act respecting collective agreement decrees to administer and monitor observance of the Decree.

Who administers CPA Montréal ? 
CPA Montréal is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of an equal number of representatives from unions and employers (Article 1.02 of the Decree).

What is the Decree ?
The Decree is a set of regulations pursuant to the Act respecting collective agreement decrees. It is negotiated by the contracting parties and adopted by the provincial government Québec Cabinet. Its purpose is to regulate working conditions and the professional qualification of workers.

What does the Decree cover ?
The Decree provides for minimum working conditions for employees, with the aim of preserving good relations in the industry. In particular, it includes clauses relating to trades, salaries, working hours, holidays, vacation pay, special leave, advance termination notices, and the training and qualification process for each respective trade.

What are the benefits of CPA Montréal for employers ?
CPA Montréal rapidly identifies businesses that do not comply with the Decree, thanks to individual and periodic inspections and complaints from employers, employees, and customers. CPA Montréal then imposes appropriate sanctions, in order to prevent unfair competition.

How does CPA Montréal finance itself ?
The levy paid by employers and employees is CPA Montréal’s main source of income.

What is required when starting a new business governed by the Decree ?
Please communicate with the CPA Montreal and we will refer you to an inspector. They will proceed to the file opening and provide you with all the necessary information

Is it true that owners do not have to obtain a competency card ?
No. Only the trade practised determines whether a competency card is required.

How do I obtain a competency card ?
Refer to the Admission Requirements for Qualification.

How long is the apprenticeship period?
Apprenticeship lasts three years and is divided into three equal steps, each lasting one year (Article 10.01 of the Decree). Apprentices having completed their Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP) in an appropriate discipline are awarded apprenticeship credits (Article 10.04 of the Decree).

What is the apprentice/journeyman ratio ?
The ratio is one apprentice per journeyman working for the same employer, in the same trade, during the same hours, and in the same building.

If you have a ratio issue, contact us.

Are competency cards issued by other CPAs still valid ?
Yes, but employees must visit the CPA office in their new region to obtain an equivalent card (Transfer form).

Is it possible to substitute a paid leave for the payment of overtime hours ?
Yes, but only at the employee’s request. For complete details on applications, consult Article 4.01 of the Decree.

Do employees have to be paid at the rates indicated in the Decree ?
The Decree sets minimum hourly wages. An employer cannot pay lower rates (Article 9.01 of the Decree).

How much should a temporary worker on call for various tasks be paid ?
The temporary worker must receive the equivalent of the highest paid employee in the business (Article 9.09 of the Decree).

Can employers deduct an amount from salary for the maintenance of uniforms when they require their use ?
No. Employers who require the use of uniforms cannot deduct any amount from employees’ wages (Article 13.01 of the Decree). 

Are employees eligible for special leave ?
Yes, employees can obtain special leave for bereavement, funerals, weddings, and the birth or adoption of children (Article 8.00 of the Decree).

Must employers give a written notice to an employee before dismissing him/her ?
Yes, employers must give a written notice to an employee before terminating their contract or laying them off for a period equal to or greater than six months. This is called advance termination notice. Details on advance termination notice can be found at Article 12.01 of the Decree.