CPA Montréal

Your partner for a skilled and certified workforce

Statement of Service

CPA Montréal offers various services to employers and employees in the industry. It is responsible for administering the Decree that provides employees with minimum employment conditions, ensures fair competition among businesses and provides social peace in the industry. CPA Montréal informs and provides advice to employers and employees. It provides administrative, legal, inspection, qualification, classification, and continuous training services. It is also an important source of statistical and socio-economic data for the industry.

Our Commitment

We are committed to acknowledging receipt of your requests, considering them with all the attention they deserve, and responding as quickly as possible.

The management of CPA Montréal is committed to :

  • Having competent, respectful, and courteous staff at your disposal;
  • Providing quality information;
  • Processing your applications with impartiality;
  • Ensuring the protection of your personal information under the provisions of the law.

These commitments are based on principles of respect, collaboration, and presumption of good faith. Improvement of our services is at the core of our daily concerns. CPA Montréal is committed to supporting and participating in projects and events that enhance the value of professions within the automotive industry.

Specific commitments

Financial and Monthly Report Department

The Department is committed to :

  • Processing data gathered in the monthly reports accurately and efficiently to ensure transmitted data is added to workers’ files;
  • Developing more user-friendly tools for the preparation of monthly reports;
  • Offering technical support for the preparation of monthly reports.

Computer Department

The Department is committed to :

  • Keeping abreast of the latest technologies to maximize CPA Montréal’s operations in order to offer the best possible services to both our internal and external customers;
  • Ensuring the development and implementation of computer technology programs relevant to CPA Montréal.

Inspection and Contentious Department

The Department is committed to :

  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with the Decree;
  • Informing and educating employees, employers, and other stakeholders about the working conditions laid down in the Decree, the Act respecting collective agreement decrees, and their regulations.

Qualification Management Department

The Department is committed to :

  • Administrating all professional qualification exams with thoroughness and impartiality;
  • Responding quickly to any request for new competency cards;
  • Transmitting results and issuing competency cards in accordance with the principles and guidelines for the professional qualification exams.

Qualification and Training Development Department

The Department is committed to :

  • Making relevant training available to workers of the automotive services industry;
  • Accompanying candidates in their preparation for the professional qualification exams.

To Improve our Service

In order to provide you with the services you expect to receive, we rely on you to :

  • Provide us with relevant information and documents;
  • Communicate with us with respect and courtesy;
  • Share your comments and suggestions with us to help improve our services.

Form for Comments or a Complaint Against CPA Montréal