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What you should know about the 24th of June, St. John The Baptist Day


  • 6.00. Statutory General Holidays
    • 6.06. St. John the Baptist’s Day is a statutory general holiday under the National Holiday Act (R.S.Q., c. F-1.1).

According to the National Holiday Act :

  • The 24th of June, St. John the Baptist Day, is the National Holiday.
  • Where the date specified in the first paragraph falls on a Sunday and Sunday is not a regular working day for the employee, the 25th of June is a public holiday for the employee for the purposes of sections 4 to 6, which must then be read as though that day were substituted for the 24th of June.

You may consult all the provisions of the National Holiday Act:

How to calculate the allowance of 24 June 2018?

The employer must pay the employee an allowance equal to 1/20 of the wages earned during the four complete weeks of pay preceding the week of June 24, without taking into account the overtime. For an employee working 40 hours per week, this allowance will be equivalent to 8 hours.


What happens if the employee is on annual leave?

If the employee is on annual leave on the day of the National Day, the employer must give him the compensatory leave at a date agreed upon between them.


Attention to weeks of more than 40 hours!

Following the decree, the normal work week is 40 hours. For the purposes of the calculation of the additional hours, annual leave and public holidays, holidays and paid are assimilated to work days. As well, it is important to check the numbers of hours worked to the interior of a pay period including a public holiday in order to avoid exceed 40 hours and thus, having to pay the additional time.


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