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Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

What you need to know


You have to give your employees the statutory holiday on June 24th, 2020 for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.


Calculation of the indemnity to be paid

  • 1/20 of the wages earned in the 4 complete weeks of pay preceding the week of the statutory holiday.
  • Do not include overtime in the calculation.



Can a statutory holiday be taken on another day?

No, subject to some exceptions :


Non-working day for an employee

  • The holiday may be carried over to the day before or after June 24.


An employee on vacation

  • The employer pays the indemnity for the statutory holiday.
    • See the Holiday Indemnity section below or the employee and the employer both agree to the defer the holiday.


Can an employer require an employee to work on a statutory holiday?

No, subject to some exceptions.


Holiday indemnity

The holiday indemnity is payable in addition to the hours worked

  • Time over 10 hours/day including the holiday is paid as overtime (+50%).
  • Time over 40 hours/week including the statutory holiday is paid as overtime (+50%).


“Working day” as defined in the Decree

  • Working days vary by employee (work schedule) rather than by undertaking (the business).



The above information is provided for information purposes. It does not replace the Decree.

Please refer to article 6.06 of the decree and the National Holiday Act.